1 June

Women in science

  • Strange advice from ScienceCareers:

    His attention on your chest may be unwelcome, but you need his attention on your science and his best advice.

    [link from the internet archive]

    The Tenure, She Wrote blog compiled a list of comments and advice on the issue [link]

Doing Science

  • Top Tips for Reviewing Statistics: A Guide for Ecologists (among others: be honest about what you know; new and complicated does not mean good) [link]

Et en français

  • L’équivalent français de mansplaining (une explication condescendante faite par un homme à quelqu’un d’autre, souvent une femme) est “mecspliquer” !

25 May

Doing science

  • Useful advice by Meghan Duffy on how to write a response letter to address the reviewers’ comments, in which she explains that the key message you want to send [with your letter] is “my coauthors and I take your feedback seriously, and we have thought carefully about the suggestions made by reviewers.” [link]

Talking about science

  • John Bohannon, infamously known for his “Open Access sting” (there), committed another sting, this time to denounce the bad reporting of scientific results related to dietetic issues (this time, chocolate and weight loss) in the popular press. [link]
    One can question the ethics of his methods…

    And here is a developped criticism of the method used by Bohannon [link].


  • The Americans write fetus, the Brits foetus, but this time, the Americans are right, explains lynneguist [link]

Et en français

  • article de Sylvestre Huet sur l’expédition Tara. [lien]